Lytec MD
EHRcompare   August 07, 2009  
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Lytec MD
Lytec® MD combines the practice management (PM) features of Lytec 2009 with a proven electronic medical record (EMR) that has helped thousands of practices improve quality of care and financial performance. With Lytec MD, you keep the PM you know and add the EMR that can take you to the next level of practice automation.

* Easy to complete progress notes.
Unlike other EMRs, Lytec MD features a unique note-centric design that allows physicians to complete the entire chart from the progress note. Any information you add to the note – such as medications, vital sign results or lab results – automatically update the entire chart, all from the note.
* Works the way you do.
Documentation tools adapt to the providers’ style and offer a choice of data entry methods including: templates, speech recognition, transcription, digital pen, dictation and Web-based patient data entry.
* Delivers quick access to patient information.
A provider dashboard lets you view all critical information – including messages, incoming results and a daily patient schedule – in one place. In addition, a review bin provides at-a-glance viewing of notes, documents and lab results.
* Efficiently manages orders.
Physicians are able to quickly see overdue orders and track each order by patient, status and expected time for a result to return. In addition, incoming results automatically update order status.

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