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ADS is proud to offer the powerful, CCHIT-certified MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR) package. Electronic Medical Records systems (also known as Electric Health Records, or EHR) have proven to be a far better approach to documentation than conventional, paper-based systems. MedicsDocAssistant presents a dynamically powerful EMR/EHR solution. The primary advantages ADS clients enjoy by using MedicsDocAssistant include:

* Increased Efficiency: Patient information is readily available, saving time and effort. Additionally, much less office space is required to store the records.
* Improved Documentation: Eliminates illegible handwriting, links related records electronically, reduces data entry errors, and helps eliminate missing/required patient information.
* Improved quality of care: With complete and immediate access to patient records, providers are able to provide better, faster, more personlized care, raising the level of both medical care and personal attention.
* Improved security: Role-based security allows only authorized individuals access to medical records. Access logging and auditing provides a history of who accessed and who modified any record.
* Reduced documentation expenses: Eliminates need for most transcription activity and dramatically reduces the need for paper storage facilities.

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