EHRcompare   August 11, 2009  
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The business case for an electronic medical records (EMR), or electronic health records (EHR), has never been clearer with Medscribbler. Inefficient information capture according to the Medical Records Institute and template "pick lists" can cost $5,000 to $20,000 per clinician per year in extra costs. Medscribbler is designed and built specifically for handwriting recognition using a Tablet PC for an excellent return on investment with its emphasis on quick data capture.

Medscribbler's input focus allows new users to quickly and easily document without training making Medscribbler the best of any electronic medical record in simplicity of implementation. Solo physicians can use Medscribbler's powerful networking abilities to set up a virtual private network, VPN, simply and securely. Multiple location medical clinics can use the same abilities to manage their whole health infrastructure from one location. Or let Medscribbler staff be your IT staff with our Internet EMR or ASP EMR.

Low cost financing of medical practice management for solo providers, clinics and hospitals of any size is available and can even include practice acquisition, medical equipment or IT infrastructure—as long as Medscribbler EMR software is included.

All Medscribbler products are full featured HIPAA solutions that are designed for secure wireless network use with embedded handwriting recognition and voice recognition on a Tablet PC.

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