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The MediLinks Inpatient Rehabilitation Solution is designed to handle the full scope of challenges that face your Inpatient Rehabilitation hospital or unit. The following is only a small sampling of what MediLinks Inpatient will provide for your organization:


Accurate Functional Independence Measures
Patient Functional Independence Measurement scores are one of the most important determinants of the IRFPAI and CMS reimbursement, and even with a proven scoring process there is no reliable way to ensure that scores are based on all of the scoring criteria instead of just a clinician’s experience and judgment.

The MediLinks Inpatient Solution includes MediLinks IRFPPS which addresses this critical area of inpatient rehabilitation by ensuring that your clinicians focus on the scoring criteria instead of the numerical score itself. This significantly reduces subjectivity and results in scores that are both consistent and accurate. Ultimately, these improvements lead to appropriate reimbursements and sufficient funds for adequate patient care.

Care Planning Specific to Rehabilitation
Team Conference and the Individualized Plan of Care are essential components of inpatient rehabilitation, and forming and documenting a true interdisciplinary plan of care is a significant challenge for most organizations. MediLinks Inpatient helps you overcome this challenge by allowing you to capture true interdisciplinary documentation with information and observations for rehabilitative status, medical status, and team identified problems. These and other powerful tools built into MediLinks Inpatient allow you to focus on achieving patient goals and solving barriers to discharge.

Compliance to the CMS 2010 Final Rule
Complying with federal regulations is a constant and ever-changing battle that threatens your financial livelihood and often requires more time and resources than are available. Effectively managing your compliance to the CMS 2010 Final Rule is a key component of MediLinks Inpatient. With MediLinks Inpatient:

  • Information from Pre-Admission screenings is clearly and easily presented to the physician
  • Clinician identified problems, goals and barriers to discharge are automatically shared with the team
  • Real-time reporting helps you ensure that pre-admission screens, post-admission and therapist evaluations, and the plan of care are completed on time

Consistent and Accurate Electronic Documentation
Today's Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Health Information Systems (HIS) are capable of capturing patient data, but their value almost always ends there. MediLinks Inpatient is not only able to capture patient data, but also has the built-in workflow expertise that can control the quality of the data that's captured. Additionally, MediLinks Inpatient is capable of capturing and using patient data for clinical outcomes and financial reporting, automatically captures charges as a byproduct of documentation, and has built-in safety measures to strengthen compliance in the documentation process. MediLinks Inpatient will also seamlessly integrate with virtually any Health Information System including Cerner, Epic, MediTech, McKesson, Eclipsys and Siemens.


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