Frequently Asked Questions


How do I edit the content about my product on your site?

Fist you must have an account.  Have a representative from your company get a free account.  Once they complete the registration process, find the Listing and click on "Claim this listing".  The account will be verified and then given 'owner' status to the user.  Once the user is the owner ofthe Listing, he/she can edit the data by clicking on the cog icon and selecting "Edit Listing".

If you cannot find your product on our site, please contact us to have it added.

Tips: the Listings with the most reviews float to the top of the pages. If you'd like to add premium fields such as a Demo link, a 'Request More Info' intake form, or featuring your Listing. Learn More 

How do reviews make EHRs better? 

EHR Compare allows users to share their EHR related experiences. This can provide a fantastic guide in assisting others to find an EHR that suits their specific needs. For some, it may mean using the information to find the one EHR that does "this" or "that". For others, it may be about finding an EHR vendor that has prompt and superior support. Many may in fact may realize that the EHR they already own is pretty amazing.

Furthermore, for the excellent EHR vendors that care about the product and quality of support they provide, both positive or negative feedback can help to improve the experiences of future clients. It's this endless pursuit for maintaining and improving high levels of software that will improve EHR experiences for all users.

The more people there are used excellent EHRs, the more people there are receiving better EHR care. Click to view the related article How you can make EHR better

How do I make a review?

Firstly you’ll need to register or logged in as a registered user. Then click on the ‘Write a Review’ link on the main menu. Then try and find your EHR via the search. If you find the EHR you wish to review, click on the “Write review” button next to the listing. If you can’t find the listing, add a new one by clicking the green “Add new EHR” in the "Reviews" menu item above.

How can I as a vendor promote my Listing?

Once you have created your Listing page, there is an option under the "Manage" button named "Order Upgrade". Click that and it will take you to your options.

Do I need to be registered to make a review?

Yes. To assist in ensuring the accuracy of reviews, all users must register before making a review. You will need to register with your real name, but only your created username will be displayed to other users.

How can I become a registered user?

Easy. Click on the “Create an account” link in the top right corner of the page to begin the process.

What do you mean in the Moderation Guidelines when you say “do not identify anyone else other than a service provider or organisation”?

We ask that you do not identify anyone unnecessarily. Eg. Don’t write “Gladice from Company ABC was very rude to me on the phone".

Does EHR Compare promote or endorse the listed providers and organisations on the site?

EHR Compare is totally independent and doesn’t promote or advertise any EHR provider or organisation that is listed on EHR Compare, intentionally, automatically or in any other way.

Who operates this site?

EHR Compare is owned and operated independently by, and all content published by Society Sites, LLC. 

What happens to my personal details?

Your personal details will NOT be made available to any EHR vendor you review without your permission. Your privacy is valued greatly. Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

What mechanisms are in place for the fair reporting of reviews?

All users need to register before making a review. All users must confirm their email address and declare in their profile what "type" of user they are (end user, vendor, programmer, etc).  Users must also follow Moderation Guidelines before posting a review. Reviews that do not abide by the guidelines are not posted, or may be withdrawn at a later date if it is disputed.

Can fake positive or negative reviews be posted by EHR providers and organisations?

EHR Compare does allow affiliated users to make a review.  However, this is fully reported in the review and should be taken as such.  

Can I make testimonials?

EHR Compare requests that users who would like to make a testomonial do so in the "Comments" area of each EHR listing.  

What can I do to change listing details that are incorrect?

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name and details of the existing listing, as well as details of the correct listing. Alternately, you may wish to become the "owner" of the listing page and edit your page at will.  To do so just click "Claim this Page" on the Listing in question.  Your request will be reviewed before approval.

Can I be sued for my reviews?

EHR Compare encourages openness and transparency in the EHR community. If your reviews are a genuine and honest reflection of your experiences and you keep to our Moderation Guidelines and Disclaimer and Terms of Use, you should freely post both positive and negative reviews.

Is Heath Reviews the place for me if I wish to lodge a complaint against a provider or organisation?

EHR Compare is not the place to lodge a complaint against a company. If you feel strongly that something was very wrong, it is essential to enter into direct dialogue with that company in relation to your complaint. This is the very best way to allow your vendor to be notified. In this way you can express your concerns to the provider or organisation, and allow them to address your complaint directly. Do not try to "bash" them with a poor review.

What can I do if I am a EHR vendor that disputes a review?

EHR Compare is dedicated to the sharing of fair and reasonable reviews, whether positive or negative. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Name and Details of the existing listing, as well as the details of the disputed review. EHR Compare will then be able to begin a series of steps as a part of our Review Resolution Policy.