Moderation Guidelines


EHR Compare is intended to be a helpful source of information to find suitable EHRs for those in the market. We would like to keep the online environment as pleasant and positive as possible. Please show respect for the companies you are reviewing by following the moderation guidelines below.


  1. Please share your experiences genuinely (every detail must be factually accurate)
  2. Only rate parts of the EHR which you have personally used; otherwise, select N/A.
  3. Please explain what made your experience a positive or negative one 
  4. Please use clean language 
  5. Please keep comments purposeful 
  6. Please do not defame
  7. Please do not commit libel
  8. Please do not discriminate 
  9. Please don't identify anyone else other than the company 
  10. Please only carry out reviews for EHRs that you have used 
  11. If you have any past or current association with the EHR or company, you MUST declare these in your review
  12. A user that posts a Listing under the company name cannot review that Listing.
  13. Shill reviews or comments will not be approved.
  14. Blatant overly-negative reviews or comments will not be approved.


Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in the review and comments being withheld or withdrawn from publishing.